Chrystal Bowl

We at Chrystal Bowl take great pride and pleasure in presenting our master chefs most selected and popular dishes featuring traditional North Indian , Mughlai and North West Frontier Cuisine Diversity is also the essence of food !!!! One would also get the taste of Italian Mexican and Continental Food with us !!!
Across the road from your hotel our speciality Vegetarian Restaurant has more to offer than what can be said .... A variety of Kebabs , Dum ki Biryani ,cooling mocktails and smoothies will make you meal perfect ..... Open from 11 am to 11 pm it also has valet parking service !!!! Savour the flavours and taste of authentic North Indian Food which evokes nostalgia of a bygone era !!!!

Chrystal Bowl

Ming Garden

Crispy... Crunchy...... Saucy..... Tangy ..... Slurp !!!! Chinese Food It Is !!!!!

The easiest kind of food to digest and fall in love with is Chinese food . We at Ming Garden feel proud to be one of Varanasi's favourite and top listed Vegetarian Chinese Restaurants. A popular hangout amongst youngsters and families the Crispy Babycorn and Sizzling Brownies are amongst the hot favourites. Wether you are craving the Manchau soup or the Lemon Coriander soup , our chef's best Chinese recipes are sure to set your taste buds tickling.

Located on Ravindrapuri Main Road near Assi Ghat and just a walk away from your hotel we have ample space for valet parking

Highly rated on Zomato ,Trip Advisor and other social sites this joint is surely a must visit for all food lovers

Ming Garden
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